Sunday, Mar 26

We can build a platform, similiar to this, for your business! - Emilia

We recycle electronics, computers, boards, televisions, batteries, etc.
As SwiftLife is a registered e-waste collection site, bring them by.
We as well have a microscope and soldering tools on-site.
Memory at our store location.

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Code Brand Type Dim Size Mhz In Stock  
M111 SODIMM 8GB 12800mhz 0
M110 DIMM 8GB 12800mhz 0
M109 SODIMM 4GB 12800mhz 0
M108 DIMM 4GB 12800mhz 0
M107 SODIMM 2GB 10600mhz 0
M106 DIMM 2GB 10600mhz 0
M105 SODIMM 2GB 8500mhz 0
M104 DIMM 2GB 8500mhz 0
M103 SODIMM 2GB 6400mhz 0
M102 DIMM 2GB 6400mhz 0
M101 SODIMM 2GB 5300mhz 0
M100 DIMM 2GB 5300mhz 1

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